Innovation 20-03-2023
Blue economy Photo: Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

Rotterdam Reef Successfully Installed for Nature and Shoreline Protection

Delft start-up Reefy is building a reef in the river Meuse for biodiversity and shoreline protection.


Rijkswaterstaat, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Boskalis and Reefy are testing the Reefy artificial reef system to support nature restoration and conservation efforts in the tidal area of the river Meuse, as part of the “Groene Poort” or “Green Gate” project. After careful preparation and in close collaboration with all the partners, 17 Reefy modules were assembled underwater by Boskalis in under 3 days. The artificial reef is approximately 25 meters long and 3 meters high which makes it possible to see its top layer during low tide.


Next to the four consortium partners mentioned below, this pilot project was made possible thanks to invaluable technical advice and support of PortXLRotterdam Zoo BlijdorpBurgers ZooTU Delft and Deltares.



Source: RMCE