About The Dutch Maritime Network

The Dutch Maritime Network (Nederland Maritiem Land) is the maritime sector’s leading network organization and emerged from the market in 1997, as a result of the then new Dutch shipping policy.


With a total added value of EUR 72.4 billion and 575.490 employed persons, the maritime sector, including the ports, is of great economic importance. We are an important link in global trade, not least because of the strategic position of our ports as a gateway to Europe. 90% of imports reach the Netherlands by sea. Two thirds of exports also take place by water via short sea and inland shipping. These exports contribute more than 30% to our GDP.


Ships are also fundamental to the infrastructure for transport, renewable energy, coastal protection, and maritime security. They are therefore indispensable for our strategic autonomy and that of Europe.


A strong maritime sector is therefore essential for our prosperity, security, and sustainability ambitions. Collaboration on strategic topics that go beyond sub sectorial interests such as the energy transition is crucial because a unified maritime sector has much more clout among political decision-makers.


Mission & Vision

That is why The Dutch Maritime Network aims to connect and support the entire maritime sector so that its indispensable role for our country is recognized and the sector can grow sustainably, both nationally and internationally. At the same time, we want to inspire the world with our solutions for a sustainable blue economy in which people, the planet and profitability go hand in hand.


Organization structure

Maritime Monitors