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Collaborating in the maritime sector

The Human Capital Council (HCC) focuses on sector wide collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of human capital. We inspire each other by sharing new insights and best practices, to jointly create an inclusive sector where everyone feels welcome.

The Human Capital Council is a forum in which experts in the fields of human resource management and education meet. Together we are committed to expand the influx into maritime education programs, enable side-entry for people with a non-maritime background, and increase the retention of employees for the sector.

Under increasing pressure from demographic shifts, global competition and changing needs, the development of strategic HR policies has become an urgent task within the maritime cluster. Only with a strong maritime sector with sufficiently well-trained personnel can we maintain our prosperity, realize our ambitions in the field of sustainable energy at sea and guarantee the safety of our coast and waters. That is why the HCC supports the maritime sector in developing a sustainable HR policy.

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Goals of the Human Capital Council

Attracting, retaining, and developing (technical) talent is one of the biggest challenges facing the maritime sector today.


A culture of innovation, lifelong learning, and inclusiveness is crucial to remain relevant as an industry in a world that is changing at an increasing pace due to new technology and disruptive business models.


At the same time, the needs and expectations of (future) employees are changing. While previous generations often spent their entire lives in one business and profession, today the job market is more fluid. People no longer want to sail all their lives or just work in a shipyard. They are looking for variety in their careers. They also want their work to matter.


Within the HCC, we share knowledge about the most current developments in the HR field. We also discuss, together with experts from the business community, government, and knowledge institutions, how we can transform the traditionally organized maritime sector into an attractive, innovative, and progressive employer.


The resulting advice is presented to the Maritime Council and contributes to the long-term strategy development of the sector in close collaboration with the government.

Focus Areas

Sector wide human capital strategy

Employee influx

Social innovation

More information / Participating

Members of The Dutch Maritime Network can participate in the Human Capital Council. It is also possible for non-members to participate under certain circumstances.


Are you interested in a seat on the Human Capital Council, or would you like to receive more information about the activities? Please contact or call +31 (0)10 7470076

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