Collaborating in the maritime sector

The Innovation Council (IC) focuses on sector-wide collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of innovation. We are drivers of the latest technological developments, paving the way for a cleaner and safer maritime future.

The Innovation Council connects innovation experts from the broad maritime sector and plays an important role in setting up public-private partnership projects. A prominent example of this is the Maritime Master Plan as an accelerator of the maritime energy transition.

Within the Innovation Council, companies, sector organizations, knowledge institutes and the government work closely together on the implementation of the Dutch maritime innovation agenda. We also provide input during the preparation of research and innovation programs, and we explore opportunities in an EU context, for example via Horizon Europe. Information about new funds and regulations is thus made available to our members at an early stage, so that they can respond to them early on.

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Goals Innovation Council

Maritime innovations are crucial. Only by continuously innovating can we perpetuate our global top position, guarantee our strategic autonomy, and take our social responsibility.


Thanks to our long history as a maritime trading nation and our coexistence with the ever-present sea, the maritime cluster in the Netherlands is the most unique and complete cluster in the world. Despite razor-sharp competition from Asia and Eastern Europe, we build the most complex and specialist ships and offshore installations.


At the same time, we recognize the need to make the sector more sustainable from within. Global shipping is responsible for 2.9% of CO2 emissions. It is estimated that maritime trade volumes will triple by 2050, and so will greenhouse gas emissions. That is why we must act now to make the sector permanently safer, smarter and emission-free.


We do this by offering a platform in which we actively share knowledge and information about innovative developments. We pay special attention to startups that can pitch their ideas and get feedback from the heavyweights in the sector. As a result, we strengthen and broaden the maritime innovation network. We also advise the government on designing and implementing policy that fosters innovation.


In addition, we facilitate the Maritime Innovation Impulse Projects (MIIP). These are feasibility studies for which up to EUR 30,000 in co-financing can be obtained. More information about this subsidy scheme can be found on this website.

Focus Areas

Towards zero emissions

Blue Growth

Digital and autonomous shipping

Safety & Security

More information / Participating

Members of The Dutch Maritime Network can participate in the Innovation Council. It is also possible for non-members to participate under certain circumstances.


Are you interested in a seat on the Innovation Council, or would you like to receive more information about the activities? Please contact or call +31 (0)10 7470076.

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