Youth communication - Maritime by Holland

Enthusing young people for the maritime sector is a challenge. The Dutch Maritime Network has therefore developed a special website: Maritime by Holland. On this clear, visually attractive, and informative website young people can find all the information they need about working in the maritime sector.


The website focusses entirely on young people aged 13 to 25 years and their parents who are not yet familiar with the maritime industry and want to learn more about working in the sector. To provide a good overview, each maritime subsector has its own page with explanations and links to valuable resources. This is ideal for young people who have little to no knowledge about the maritime world and who want to learn more quickly.

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One of the most important features on the Maritime by Holland website is the education guide. This education guide provides an overview of all maritime and maritime-related educations in the Netherlands for all levels, from trade schools to universities. It is a unique resource and links to all relevant educational institutes and programs.

View the education guide here


If people have found a fun and suitable maritime education, they can consult the website to find out when they can visit the institution during one of its open days. All schools that have planned maritime or maritime-related open days can be found per province. Here too, you are referred to the school for more information about the open days. In this way, all crucial information about further education can be found effortlessly on one website.

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