Maritime labor market branding

Maritime companies are facing a shortage of employees, especially those who are technically trained. The maritime sector is not unique in this regard; almost every industry in Europe is desperate for technically trained employees and IT specialists.


But the sector also needs project managers for its challenging and complex projects, commercial talents and smart thinkers who challenge companies to think outside the box.


Within The Dutch Maritime Network, we are supporting the industry to properly position itself in this tight, international labor market. This is necessary, because various studies have shown that the maritime sector lacks a clear appearance towards the outside world. Most high school students who have opted for a technical profile, but also potential side entrants from other sectors, do not have a clear picture of what the maritime sector entails. Therefore, the chance of them choosing a career on board a ship, in the port, at a shipyard or with a maritime supplier is rather small. That is a shame, because the maritime sector has so many opportunities to offer.


The Dutch Maritime Network has therefore developed the labor market campaign “Maritime by…”, with the intention to give the maritime sector a clear face so that we are placed on the ‘mental shortlist’ of young (technical) talent.


The joint profiling is now really taking shape. The target groups have been identified and the focus is on high school students who have already opted for a technical profile. Companies themselves can also target lateral entrants. A recognizable style and a slogan (Maritime by…) have been devised and all kinds of materials for online and offline use have been developed. These are easy to personalize via the online editor and can therefore be used by both large organizations and SMEs.

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