Collaborating in the maritime sector

Within the Trade Council (TC) of The Dutch Maritime Network, sector-wide cooperation and knowledge sharing in the field of trade are central. The focus areas within this council are trade promotion, international visibility of the maritime sector, industrial policy & business climate.

The connection with the Top Sector Water & Maritime (TSWM) is extremely important in this regard, which is why the TC provides the vice-chairman of the International Core Team of the TSWM. This offers the opportunity to position the maritime sector well within the internationalization strategy of the government, for example when it comes to participation in strategic fairs and trade missions. The TC also works closely with RVO on Dutch maritime branding. The main goal of the TC is to increase the visibility of the maritime sector and the marketing of its innovative and sustainable solutions abroad.

Contactpersoon Joëlla Lucas Secretary Trade Council

Goals Trade Council

The Trade Council (TC) aims to promote a level playing field for the maritime cluster, jointly influence markets and support maritime branding and positioning. In addition, the Trade Council has a signaling function in the event of bottlenecks in international legislation and regulations.


Goals 2022

  • Further finetuning of the maritime branding campaign “The Maritime Future is Now” and generating awareness of this campaign among the business community and the most important maritime posts, in collaboration with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).
  • Develop marketing and communication plan to sell innovations abroad and recruit new employees.
  • Using the subsidy scheme for strategic fairs for joint promotion of the sector at the OTC Houston, SMM Hamburg and Monaco Yacht Show.
  • Lobby to get maritime on the Strategic Travel Agenda, for trade missions with ministers or during state visits.
  • Joining the Top Sector Water and Maritime in a pilot project looking at new ways of promoting trade.


Focus Areas

Trade Promotion

International visibility of the maritime sector

Industrial policy & business climate

More information / Participating

Members of The Dutch Maritime Network can participate in the Trade Council. It is also possible for non-members to participate under certain circumstances.


Are you interested in a seat on the Trade Council, or would you like to receive more information about the activities? Please contact or call +31 (0)10 7470076.