MIIP013 AmmoniaDrive Research Feasibility Study

The AmmoniaDrive concept answers the call for carbon-free and pollutant-free shipping; (fundamental) research is needed to make the concept reality.


The hybrid Internal Combustion Engine – Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (ICE-SOFC) AmmoniaDrive concept is a single-fuel, high-efficiency, high-tech ship power plant solution that will produce no pollutant emissions. AmmoniaDrive strikes the right balance between different, relevant ship design requirements for a large number of ship types and is therefore considered to be a very serious contender for sustainable shipping with clean, future Marine Propulsion Systems. The synthetic fuel ammonia (NH3) can be produced in a competitive, cost-effective and renewable manner. Combined with the high-efficiency AmmoniaDrive power plant concept this synthetic fuel may truly find its way into the maritime industry. However, TRL level of AmmoniaDrive is still low and a lot of research (both fundamental and applied) is still required in order to realise higher TRL levels and realisation of the concept.


The MIIP project “AmmoniaDrive Research Feasibility Study” aims to realise the opportunity to perform the required research by developing a detailed research project proposal that will be submitted to NWO or similar. Thus, the project ultimately supports the development of the innovative AmmoniaDrive ship power plant. The research will be a joint venture between TU Delft, TNO, C-Job and a large number of other industrial partners. Finding these industrial partners is second goal of this MIIP project.


MIIP013 2020


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