Maritime Council

The Maritime Council consists of C-level executives and the chairmen of all affiliated sector associations, knowledge institutions and companies. The long-term visioning takes place within the Maritime Council. All members may propose topics of common interest to be discussed within the Council. The Council can also, in consultation with the chairman, instruct the Directors’ Meeting or one of the Thematic Councils (Innovation, Human Capital, Trade) to take further action on specific topics.


Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate and the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management participate as observers in the meetings of the Maritime Council.

Maritime council



The Maritime Council elects the Board of the organization. The Board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization and the achievement of its objectives. The Board is also responsible for adopting the annual accounts and managing the financial resources.



Directors’ Meeting

The Directors’ Meeting consists of the directors of the affiliated sector associations and the chairmen of the subordinate councils. This body is responsible for the medium-term strategy and the current lobbying agenda. With the vision of the Maritime Council as the starting point, coordination on current issues and their elaboration takes place within the Directors’ Meeting. Urgent and short-term topics are also addressed within the Directors’ Meeting, if they are important for the broader maritime sector and transcend sub-sector specific issues.


Thematic Councils

The Thematic Councils are advisory working groups that draw up an annual work program in line with The Dutch Maritime Network’s vision and mission. The focus is on human capital, innovation, and trade respectively and must contribute to the network’s strategic priorities. In addition, the Thematic Councils offer a sector-wide knowledge platform where relevant information is shared. The Thematic Councils also have a signaling function towards the Directors’ Meeting and the Maritime Council and they can provide these bodies with solicited and unsolicited advice, for example by offering white papers.


If you have any questions about the Thematic Councils, please contact the secretary of the relevant Thematic Council.



The Bureau is responsible for coordinating the different activities of the network, both in terms of content and processes. It also takes care of the financial administration. The bureau offers various kinds of support to the Maritime Council, the Directors’ Meeting, and the Subordinate Councils. In addition, it has a figurehead role through the chairman, and it coordinates the overarching strategy through the chairman and the secretary general. If you have any questions about the bureau, please contact Verena;