Innovation 22-08-2022
Energy Transition

Research supports transition to zero-emission inland shipping

NWO has awarded a project within the NWA call ‘Zero-emission inland shipping’. This call aims to contribute to the transition to zero-emission inland shipping by working together with the inland shipping sector.


A consortium of researchers, companies and social organisations will start developing sustainable business models and action perspectives. Partners in the inland navigation chain, such as skippers and shippers, can make use of this.


The research programme should provide insight into what the transition to zero-emission requires from the various partners in the inland shipping chain, such as skippers, shippers and funding institutions. This transition will be made possible by linking new and existing knowledge. New knowledge is also needed on how the transition objectives can be realised in practice. The research consortium works in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner, uses different research approaches (fundamental, applied and practically oriented) and is knowledge chain-wide.


The initiators of this research programme are the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) and the top sector for logistics (Dinalog).


More information about the project


Source: NWO