Innovation 19-12-2023

Navigating the Netherlands to Prosperity

The Dutch identity has been shaped by water, one of the most crucial sources of our prosperity. For centuries, the Netherlands has engaged in trade and diplomacy over the international seas and inland waters of the Dutch delta.


Ninety percent of all goods reach our country via the sea, and two-thirds of our transit and exports also occur through water. Therefore, our coast is not the end of our country but the beginning of the world. International shipping over the seas and inland waters has enriched the Netherlands, but the importance of the maritime sector for the country goes much further.


The maritime sector not only plays a central role in the national and international transportation chain but also serves as the key to meeting our demand for (renewable) energy, ensuring our security in an environment of increasing geopolitical tensions, and fortifying us against a rising sea level. In the following glossy, we take you through the reasons why the maritime sector is so vital for the Netherlands and our prosperity. Several topics relevant to the Dutch maritime sector are addressed:


  • Energy transition and sustainability
  • Climate adaptation
  • Vital functions at sea
  • Military security
  • Earning capacity


You too can play a role in making our beautiful maritime sector future-proof. Explore, for instance, the various maritime career opportunities available, delve into the rich history and innovations of the maritime sector, visit and experience the maritime sector by exploring ship museums, ports, and the coastline, and subscribe to the LinkedIn channel of Netherlands Maritime Land and sign up for our newsletter.