Innovation 24-10-2023
Blue economy, Energy Transition

Ambitious coalition launched to enable clean hydrogen shipment across Atlantic by 2026

The Mission Possible Partnership (MPP), RMI, Systemiq, Power2X, and industry leaders have formed a coalition to encourage and enable delivery of the first shipment of clean hydrogen from the United States to Europe by 2026.


The Transatlantic Clean Hydrogen Trade Coalition (H2TC) aims to facilitate trade of more than three million metric tonnes per year of hydrogen in the form of ammonia and methanol through this corridor by 2030. Coalition partners include the Center for Houston’s Future, the Port of Corpus Christi, and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.


The announcement comes close to a year and a half after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent energy crisis, which critically affected European heavy industry. H2TC aims to significantly contribute to the EU’s goal of importing 10 million metric tonnes per year of renewable hydrogen by 2030. Clean hydrogen provides a vital substitute for fossil fuels in essential industries such as fertiliser production and steelmaking, and its derivatives are the leading alternative to highly polluting bunker fuel in marine shipping. Producers from the US Gulf Coast are expected to be among the most cost-competitive clean hydrogen exporters to Europe, given the region’s world-class ports, existing energy infrastructure networks, access to specialised labour, and other strategic advantages.


“Rotterdam is Europe’s main import hub for crude, oil products and coal. We’re rapidly becoming Europe’s hydrogen hub as well,” said Nico van Dooren, Director of New Business & Portfolio Management at the Port of Rotterdam Authority. “For the last three years we’ve been scouting the world for green hydrogen, and Texas is one of the most promising locations to export substantial volumes of this renewable energy to Rotterdam within a few years’ time.”

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Source: Port of Rotterdam