Trade 22-12-2022

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Dear reader, It is with great pleasure that I present to you the 2022 edition of Navigator, our annual magazine aimed at informing you about topical developments in and relevant to the maritime sector in general and at the Dutch Maritime Pilots’ Organisation in particular.


With the corona crisis still fresh in our minds, the past year was coloured by events that had a major impact on society, especially on those directly involved. Of course, I am referring to the war in Ukraine and the immeasurable human suffering this is causing.


Besides our obvious support for the people there, the crisis in Ukraine is also directly impacting our day-to-day operations. Since this autumn, large LNG tankers have been calling frequently in the northern Netherlands. As a result, the pilots in the North region are busier than ever. We have dedicated an entire article to this. In this edition of Navigator, we also focus on the new maritime cargo flows that will be heading our way in the coming decade. In search of clean energy sources, ports see the overseas import of green hydrogen as a great opportunity. Specialists from Rotterdam, Amsterdam and North Sea Port discuss their plans. Furthermore, Herman Broers, who took office as director of the supporting organisation Nederlands Loodswezen BV this year, explains how we are putting sustainability on the agenda ourselves as the Dutch Maritime Pilots’ Organisation.


Another striking development in 2022 is the increasing shortage of personnel that is affecting many sectors of society. Fortunately, we are not yet experiencing a lack of interest in the course leading up to a master’s degree in maritime pilotage at the moment. But what about ten years from now? That is why we are already focusing on the pilots of tomorrow right now. In contrast, our deepsea pilot colleagues, who assist ships in safely navigating the North Sea, are actually looking for experien-ced professionals who are keen to continue sailing for a few more years after retiring as a pilot or captain.


As you can see, this Navigator is jam-packed with a wide range of stories which we hope you find interesting. We of course very much welcome your feedback, both on this edition of Navigator and on our 24/7 service provision for safely and efficiently guiding ships in and out of the Dutch ports and the Flemish ports on the Scheldt. But for now, I want to wish you happy holidays and especially a healthy 2023!


Joost Mulder
Chairman Dutch Pilots’ Corporation