Innovation 11-04-2024
Blue economy

Innovation Connection Meeting 3/3

On May 16th, we’ll host the final Innovation Connection Meeting of this academic year. This event brings together students and faculty from STC/RMI MBO, HBO, Master, Techniekcollege, IT campus, EUR, and professionals in the maritime field four times annually to discuss innovative developments in maritime/logistics. Please refer to the attachment for registration details.


Given the challenges posed by climate change, energytransition, digitalization, a tight labor market, and global instability, we recognize the need to acquire future skills alongside technical studies to adapt to these evolving circumstances. This meeting will focus on future skills, IT, and the port. See the program below. The event will be conducted in English due to the presence of shipping & transport master students.


We’ll also feature a poster market showing alumni’s future skills. Please provide your details and include a photo to contribute to the poster, which we can share and collect, on the future skills that our alumni use in the maritime sector.


  • Date: May 16th, Location: Schiezaal (2nd floor) Lloydstraat 300, Time: 16:00 – 18:00 (presentations 16:15-17:00, followed by meet and greet)
  • Audience: Approximately 50-80 participants



  • Sven Tump: Chairman of the Executive Board of STC, discussing the importance of collaboration and adaptation in a changing world.
  • Kevin van Drongelen: Manager of Traffic Division, Harbor Master Port of Rotterdam, addressing the need for future skills in response to global changes.
  • Interview with former RMI students & the Purpose Project.
  • Meet & greet, and prototype experiences (AR/AI/VR/IoT – Skillslab 3D printer & laser cutter – MTP prototypes), along with the poster market showcasing alumni’s future skills required for their jobs