Indonesia Maritime Expo

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JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta
Indonesia Maritime Expo (IME) is the most anticipated international event in Indonesia for the world’s maritime players, showcasing the latest in marine, workboat & offshore engineering and port technology.


Reasons why Indonesia is a hotspot for maritime business:


  • South East Asia Largest Economy.
  • Indonesia is an emerging global power house in Asia, with a GDP of USD 1119.19 billion in 2019. Indonesia is ranked 15, out of the 195 countries that we published. (source : The World Bank)
  • Transforming Indonesia into Global Maritime Fulcrum.
  • President Joko Widodo’s maritime vision to boost economic growth by improving connectivity between the islands of the Indonesian archipelago has seen the Indonesia shipping industry experiencing exponential growth.
  • Indonesia to Improve Maritime Tourism Sector.
  • Indonesia government has sought to develop open sea activities like yachting, cruising and diving as an important component of the Indonesian economy.
  • Fisheries Sector Grew Rapidly.
  • The growth of export value of fishery products became one of the main concerns of the government. In the period of 2017, the export value of Indonesian fishery products increased by 8.12%. The fishery trade balance grew by 7.42% higher than the competitor countries.
  • Economic Stimulus Package Aimed at Attracting Foreign Investments.
  • Indonesia has since announced 14 economic packages to maintain the “structural reform momentum” and to encourage more foreign investment into Indonesia.


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