Announcement: Myrna Staring new Young IRO board member



We would like to give a warm welcome to Myrna Staring from Fugro as she will be joining the Young IRO board!

“Coming from an exploration geophysics background, I joined Fugro in 2020 as a Technologist working on infrastructure and renewables. I soon realized that many of the cutting-edge technologies developed for the oil & gas industry are also suitable for the application to other problems after minor adjustments. The offshore industry can be proud of what was technologically achieved in the past and leverage that wealth of experience and expertise to take the lead in the energy transition. Young IRO plays a unique role in this by providing a platform where young professionals from different companies can come together and share experiences with each other and with more experienced generations. Building bridges between different generations, different cultures and different genders are crucial aspects in tackling the global challenges that we are currently facing. I am excited and honored to be joining the Young IRO Board and I hope to be able to contribute in connecting these different groups in our community.”

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