Maritime Project Management course (English)

Begindatum: 21.04.2022
Einddatum: 10.06.2022

Maritieme toeleveranciers, Scheepsbouw

This Maritime Project Management course is focused on professionalising participants’ skills, methods and techniques in this vital area. The emphasis is on setting up, organising and managing maritime projects (components, systems or complete vessels) in a practical, feasible way in close cooperation with all those involved.

The essence of maritime project management is gaining proper oversight over all aspects of a project and managing them effectively. The course includes an online learning environment, online support and provides a solid foundation. During the course participants learn the answers to questions such as:

  • How to properly and intrinsically prepare for a project;
  • How to structure and organise a project;
  • How to lead a team of employees from multiple disciplines;
  • How to deal with changes in your project;
  • How to handle the interaction between project and line organisation;
  • How to control a project to achieve results in compliance with the preconditions;
  • How to conclude and transfer a project.

A project manager is responsible for achieving results in line with the preconditions (time, money, means, quality). The success of your project depends on how the project is set up and managed, plus how you deal with the interaction between the many parties involved. Have you had to face all these aspects or will you do so in the future? If so, this course provides the tools you need to fulfil your role with confidence on a daily basis.


After the three-day course, you will be (better) equipped to:

  • Oversee the entire maritime project cycle;
  • Establish a solid project plan;
  • Formulate the goals, results and tasks at hand;
  • Communicate about the project with all parties involved;
  • Divide and organise a project based on a Product Breakdown Structure;
  • Plan, budget and negotiate activities and resources;
  • Analyse the risks and opportunities in the project and take appropriate measures;
  • Make decisions for yourself, the team and all other parties involved;
  • Manage the project team;
  • Set up and safeguard the management of time, money, means and quality;
  • Effectively monitor, control and report on progress;
  • Conclude and transfer projects.


The following topics are part of the course:

  • The key aspects and critical success factors of project management;
  • The entire maritime project cycle;
  • Defining concrete project results;
  • Communicating with the client and other parties involved;
  • Dividing, phasing and organising projects (Product Breakdown Structure);
  • Budgeting activities and resources;
  • Setting up the project plan;
  • Dealing with project risks and opportunities;
  • Steps in the decision-making process;
  • Composing and establishing the project team;
  • Managing the project team;
  • The cycle of project management: plan-do-check-act;
  • Concluding the project;
  • Personal action plan.

This interactive course is characterised by its practical perspective. We switch between theoretical and practical (online) assignments and allow you to contribute your own examples. This allows you to immediately apply and enhance your new knowledge and skills in your own project.

Your personal action plan should be discussed with your superior. They are expected to facilitate and support the application of the practical assignments to ensure you get the most from the Maritime Project Management course.

Training materials and online learning environment

At the start of the training you’ll receive the book Practical Project Management 1. This serves as a practical guideline for the efficient setup and realisation of a variety of maritime projects. It includes methods, techniques and skills for successful project management.
The online learning environment supports you in assignments made before, during and after the course. It also provides additional documentation and allows you to communicate with the trainer and other participants. You’ll follow the logical cycle of a project: from the preparations to conclusion. You’ll also receive a work folder with materials for the assignments, lists of questions, handouts and recent articles used in the course.

Target group

The course is intended for everyone closely involved in the project management process in a coordinating role. This especially includes (future) project managers and project engineers.


The course is organised by Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) in partnership with NIMO Project Management Institute.

Course dates

  • Online kick off meeting, April 14th 15.00 pm
  • Thursday April 21st 2022
  • Tuesday May 17th 2022 &
  • Friday June 10th 2022

Course times

The course days are from 09.00 to 17.00.

Course duration

The time in-between course dates is used for applying what you have learned in practice and making practically oriented assignments while actively using the online learning environment.

Before the course starts, you’ll have an intake meeting with your trainer online or by phone. In addition to a brief introduction, you’ll exchange the learning goals determined together with your superior.


At least eight, no more than twelve people can take part in the course to ensure everyone receives sufficient attention and engagement.


NMT office in Rotterdam or training facilities in the Rotterdam region.


Course costs for NMT members: €1.650,-
Online study platform for NMT members: €250,-
Total costs for NMT members: €1.900,-

Course costs for non-members: € 2.125,-
Online study platform for non-members: €250,-
Total costs for non-members: € 2.375,-

The costs exclude VAT.

If the organisation you work for falls within the ambit of the CAO Metalektro, you might entitled to compensation from one of  the A+O development funds. Please go to the website of A+O Metalektro (foundation for development by the social partners in Metalektro) if you are looking for more information. If your organisation falls within the ambit of the social partners in metalworking, you might be entitled to compensation from one of the OOM educational settlements. Please go to the website of OOM (schooling agency for the social partners in metalworking)  if you want more information about these funds.

Like to know more about in-company options? We would be pleased to make a proposal. Contact NMT on +31 88 44 51 043.


Participants receive a certificate after completing the course.

More information

For more information, contact Jeannette Lucas, Training Manager at NMT on +31 88 44 51 014 or email