Webinar industry CO2 neutral and circular in 2050

Decision makers want to know: How do I continue to make a profit in that new context? In this webinar we discuss this with partners and come up with tailor-made solutions.



The necessary sustainability of the industry poses many challenges. Climate targets are being tightened up and have gained momentum in recent years. The European Green Deal in particular has boosted this. If you change the rules in football, the players will also behave differently. CO2 emissions will soon no longer be allowed, products must be circular.


However, people often buy and use plastics. We must achieve the tightened climate targets. These reductions are already being tightened up by the EU, including in the Netherlands. Decision makers want to know: where should I invest my time and effort to keep my company moving? And how do I continue to make a profit in that new context?


Line-up of speakers

In this webinar with partners in the field, Reinier Grimbergen adresses the challenges faced by the industry and we present and discuss tailor-made solutions, a TNO Green Print. Participants will find out what this means for the industry, their organisation and what they can do to become CO2 neutral and circular in 2050.


  • Reinier Grimbergen, Business Developer Industrial Transformation
  • Brigitte Jacobs, Business Developer CCU (host)


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