BlueWeek 2023

Photo: MARIN

Palma de Mallorca, Balearic islands, Spain
Dare to set ambitious goals, apply novel techniques to produce renewable ocean energy, rethink transport & shipping to reduce drastically energy use, set sails on all ships, develop and choose zero emission power technologies, protect and cherish the environment, while using all available past experience and knowledge from the energy sector: this is how we want to create, together, a sustainable future for Oceans, Energy and Shipping.


The venue

The event is organised this year in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. We are very thankful to the Balearic Islands Harbour Authorities for providing us with their meeting facilities in the harbour of Palma, and thankful to the Government of the Balearic Islands for having us during the last event in Rotterdam to host the 2023 edition.


The Balearic Islands and Spain in general, are currently very active in setting up national and local plans to transform the energy sector and contribute to the reduction of emissions that have a negative impact on the environment. Use of natural renewable resources, production of sustainable energy, zero emission transport, protection and restauration of the environment are key factors for the group of islands.


Global perspectives, local plans and a common target

International speakers will share their expertise and projects at local and global levels. Awareness in the diversity of challenges and solutions is an important aspect to elaborate its own strategy.Since 2012, the BlueWeek has filled its mission to propose a unique and independent international platform for sharing developments, inspiring innovation, giving confidence in change, finding partnerships and meeting the community that makes the energy transition happen.


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